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  • Special Enrollment

    Find out what a qualifying life event is for Special Enrollment. Outside of Open Enrollment, a Special Enrollment period is an open window to enroll in health insurance.

    Special Enrollment FAQs

    Do you have questions about Special Enrollment and qualifying life events? We have answers.

    What is Special Enrollment?

    It is when a person has a life event that qualifies them to enroll in health insurance outside of the Open Enrollment period. Not sure how to define a “life event?” It helps to think about a life event as a major life change, such as adding a member to the family, a job loss or moving.

    What is a Special Enrollment period?

    It is the timeframe, or window, a person has to enroll in health insurance after experiencing a qualifying life event, usually lasting 60 days.

    What is a qualifying life event?

    A life event could be a change in family status or loss of health coverage. Certain changes in life, such as having a baby, getting married, moving, losing a job, a reduction in hours at a job, turning 26 and losing coverage on a parent’s plan are just a few. If you need health insurance, please call KeenanDirect and we can explain all the different types of qualifying life events and options available.

    What if I plan on getting married?

    Getting married is a qualifying life event for the special enrollment period, enabling you to enroll in health insurance.

    What if I plan on having a baby or adopting?

    The addition of a child is a qualifying life event. This includes having a baby, adoption and possibly the foster care of a child.

    What if I am on my parent’s health plan and no longer qualify?

    Once you turn age 26, you no longer qualify for coverage on your parent’s health plan. You have a special enrollment period that starts when you turn 26, and you can shop different health plans to find the best one for you.

    What if I am moving into or out of California?

    Moving could qualify you for a special enrollment period. KeenanDirect can help you determine the special enrollment timeframe.

     Guide To Special Enrollment Infographic