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Cancer Insurance Policies

Few things are more devastating than a cancer diagnosis. As the second most common cause of death in the United States, cancer accounts for nearly 1 of every 4 deaths. The right supplemental cancer insurance policy can help ease the financial burden during such a challenging time. Make sure you and your family are protected.

Even the best medical policies only cover a fraction of the costs associated with cancer treatment. With cancer insurance, you receive cash benefits to help you cover high deductibles and pay other medical expenses. In some cases, your cancer insurance policy will replace lost income and help you pay recurring bills. Our cancer insurance plans pay you a lump sum for the first cancer occurrence.

Would you be able to manage the rising treatment costs if you were diagnosed with cancer today? If the answer is no, a supplemental cancer insurance policy can offer you the peace of mind you and your family deserve.

Affordable Insurance for Cancer

A cancer diagnosis changes your life forever, and treatment can result in expenses beyond medical care that you never anticipated. Many of our policy holders choose our cancer insurance plans for precisely this reason: to help offset the additional costs and non-medical expenses that come alongside a cancer diagnosis. Your medical insurance may not cover experimental or out-of-network treatments. You may not be able to work but still need to pay your bills each month as well as pay for child care, deductibles and co-pays.

Your lump sum cash payment could help pay for:

  • Experimental cancer treatments and trials
  • Lost income if you are unable to work
  • Deductibles and co-pays
  • Prescriptions that aren’t covered
  • Travel for treatment, including meals, lodging and transportation

With a supplemental cancer insurance policy, you can rest assured that you will have the financial support you’ll need to help you get through a difficult time. Should you ever receive a cancer diagnosis, knowing you have insurance for cancer can help you focus on what really matters most: getting better.

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