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Do you need health insurance for only a short time?

Do you or a family member identify with one of these situations? If so, then short term health insurance could be your solution for quick and affordable coverage.

  • Between jobs
  • Recent college grad
  • Waiting on benefits at your new job
  • Under age 65 and waiting on Medicare
  • No longer covered under your parent’s plan

A short term health insurance plan is a flexible option with choices regarding length of coverage, deductible, coinsurance and maximum coverage amount. Typically, if you only need health insurance for a short period of time (usually less than 2-3 months), than this type of plan can help fill in the gap until you get a permanent plan. Whether you are waiting for major medical coverage, or looking for an affordable COBRA alternative, a temporary health insurance plan could be the right choice. Both individual and family plans are available.

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