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KeenanDirect is here to guide you through your insurance options. We make your search to find the right coverage quick and convenient.

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Affordable Health Insurance is within Reach

Let Keenan help you navigate your health care coverage. We provide college students information about affordable insurance and help with the application process.

As a leading health insurance broker with over 40 years of experience, we offer one-stop access to major carriers and plans available in California. We are your advocate and offer enrollment assistance and expert guidance. We can also determine if you qualify for tax credits or Medi-Cal.

Refer a friend or family member. Do you know someone who can identify with one of these situations? We can help.

  • Uninsured Domestic and International Students
  • Individual reaching age 26 and will no longer be eligible under their parent’s plan
  • Part time, seasonal or temporary employee
  • No access to employer-sponsored benefits
  • Early retiree

Allow us to help you with the enrollment process and not burden your Student Health Centers, Admissions & Records and Athletic Training Room staff with insurance questions.

Our goal is to help keep students healthy!
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